Warehouse H

Following the repeal of prohibition, the distillery needed a new barrel aging warehouse erected as quickly as possible to meet growing demand. In contrast to traditional brick and mortar warehouses, Warehouse H was built using metal walls in an effort to speed up construction time.

Once in operation, Colonel Blanton felt Warehouse H aged bourbon better than any warehouse on the distillery grounds. The metal walls allowed the bourbon to expand deeper into the oak barrels during the hot summer days and contract during the cooler nights, which extracted more flavor from the wood. In combination with the metal walls, the warehouse sits further away from the Kentucky River than any other aging warehouse at the distillery. This allows it to maximize the heat of the summers before interacting with cool moisture, which resonates from the river. Warehouse H also uses steam heat to continuously age bourbon during the cold winter months, which allows the bourbon optimal aging.

Colonel Blanton would ask his employees to pull a couple of barrels from Warehouse H so he could individually hand pick the best to be bottled one at a time. Those bottles would then be distributed to ambassadors, dignitaries, VIPs, and close friends and relatives. Today, Warehouse H is the only metal walled aging warehouse on the distillery grounds. It remains the exclusive source and home of Blanton's Single Barrel Bourbon.