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Tell us what you think about Blanton’s “The Original” Single Barrel Bourbon.

oh noes

I have finally collected all of the horses with the correct letters! I was looking for the stand that they fit into for a dislpay at the bar I work at. Can anyone help?

Rob - 02/27/2011

...dumped on 5.1.01 from barrel 257

Great ...

Greets from Berlin/Germany

Gunnar - 02/21/2011

this month i have bought a bottle of Blanton's 93 proof and my father a bottle Blanton's 80 proof.
We are Dutch and we find it GREAT that America made such a quality bourbon whiskey!
Thank's for this great bourbon. Greatings from Holland.

bourbon wouter - 02/20/2011

Wanted to let you know I tried Blanton's this past weekend....and without a doubt this is the best bourbon I've ever tasted. Keep up the great work!!!

Anonymous - 02/15/2011

You are without a doubt one of my dearest friends, along with all of your international siblings. There truly is no greater and more loyal family.

Thank you for your commitment to remaining the most delicious bourbon on the market!

Bourbon Brad - 10/20/2010

Blanton's is the best bourbon I have tasted. I am from Australia. As others have asked is their any chance of getting the other varieties here, we only get the special reserve (green label.

Brenden - 09/07/2010

one of the most tastefull bourbons i ve ever had the honor to try. thank you all at blanton`s for continuining the tradition.

Dimitris Moustakas - 09/06/2010

I've been enjoying your Bourbon now for over a year. I received it as a gift from one of my sons for my Birthday. Having been a Bourbon drinker for over 30 years I must say that this is consistently the best I've had. I would like to send some to friends in the UK. any thought on how that can be accomplished? Best regards, Bob

Robert J. Cocozza - 09/03/2010

The only Bourbon this Yankee drinks - or gives as a gift. Even New England chowda don't get no betta than Blanton's. Ooo rah!

Kevin Scanlon - 09/01/2010

Blanton's is just the best....Will coming to Kentucky from California for the family reunion,next week...We will be coming to the grandfather 5 back was a cooper in Bourbon County..1815 William Hardesty

William Alonzo Hardesty - 08/25/2010

Nic Vegas, Of course you can order a display without the stoppers. Contact and she can help with the details. Cheers!

Administration - 08/17/2010

ill be turnin 21 in june so ill be able to try it thatd be sweet

Todd Blanton - 08/09/2010

grandpa passed and left me a sigle barrel bottled in 1996 can't wait for the right time to open it and enjoy it

Dave - 08/08/2010

I was introduced to your fine product last night at the Pass Christian Yacht Club, Pass Christian, Mississippi. I was not familiar with your brand until the bartender suggested it when I asked for a fine bourbon. Unfortunately their stock was low, and I only had one drink as my friend got the last of the bottle and they did not have any backup. Now I will have to obtain a bottle to place on my yacht, The Loophole, to enjoy during the remainder of this hot summer.

John S. Heath - 08/07/2010

I have been a bourbon consumer for over 40 years and have tasted many in my life. And then I met with Blantons about 3 years ago, wow what a moresome smooth flavour. It may not be cheap but at this stage of my life only the best is good enough.My friends and I salute this fine spirit, hope to visit the warehouse to fulfill a dream and meet the special people who create this special and pass on my thanks.

Rick Matson - 08/04/2010

i am from kentucky born and raised hear in breathitt county i think this man was kin too me and my family i wood love too try the new cigar you can watch me on youtube at tommy 41339

Thomas Blanton - 07/31/2010

Is ther any way i can get the topper display it self . w/o the topers , i have them all already?

Nic Vegas - 07/28/2010

Below is a story about a blind bourbon tasting involving Blanton's. Enjoy!

Matt Goldstein - 07/28/2010

Stan, Its always better late than never to start enjoying Blanton's "The Original" Single Barrel Bourbon. Blanton's seems to make every occasion special. We look forward to seeing you at the distillery, be sure and ask in advance for a hard hat tour! It's the behind the scenes view of the production of Blanton's "The Original" Single Barrel Bourbon. Cheers,

Administration - 07/15/2010

Although I got a late start on enjoying good bourbons, I've become a huge fan of Blanton's Single Barrel Bourbon. It's a little out of my league for every day enjoyment but when I'm celebrating or simply need something special, it's always a Blanton's! I'm looking forward to a trip to the distillery later this year. See you there...

Stan Schneller - 07/15/2010

We love to hear from our customers!Looking for Blanton's Single Barrel Bourbon where you live? Have questions about the "Original Single Barrel" Bourbon? Feel free to contact us at Cheers!

Administration - 07/01/2010

Judy please contact; Kansas Glazer's of Kansas at Lenexa 14320 W. 101 Terrace Lenexa, KS 66215 Phone:(913) 894-2112 Glazer's of Kansas at Wichita 4626 S. Palisade Wichita, KS 67217 Phone:(316) 264-1354 They will help you find a store that carries Blanton's Single Barrel Bourbon in Kansas. Cheers!

Administration - 07/01/2010

Im hoping to find your bourbon in (HUTCHINSON,KANSAS) would like to try it:)

Judy (Blanton) Kuhns - 06/30/2010

I want Blanton's to be available in Norway again!!! PLEASE!

Thomas from Norway - 06/19/2010

Hi,I am Czech i very like your bourbon, becouse its best and better in the world or space

Pavel Mracek - 06/18/2010