The only thing we love more than making our bourbon, is getting to hear from the people who enjoy it.
Whether you are new to our bourbon or a true bourbon connoisseur we want to hear your story.
Tell us what you think about Blanton’s “The Original” Single Barrel Bourbon.

oh noes

I am a Blanton myself. I an also a big fan of good bourbon. Blanton's os the best I have found. I am proud to have the same name as the best bourbon in the world.

Jeffrey Blanton - 08/17/2011

I would like to know where I can purchase your Straight from the Barrel offering. Can you please provide me with the information to do this? - Thank You

Jared Jester - 08/17/2011

So smooth and great aroma! Top drop, good drink to finish my 30th decade!

Klim - 08/13/2011

Hi Rick,

Here is a link to some information about the Blanton Horse Stoppers;

Every stopper is selected at random during the hand bottling process of Blanton's.


admin - 08/09/2011

I would like more information about the history of the stoppers. I have heard they each have individule names, & how is the stopper picked for each bottle ?

Rick A. Busch - 08/08/2011

I toured Buffalo Trace last October, 2010 as part of my retirement celebration. We watched as Blanton's was being bottled and boxed. I now have a new favorite and hope to collect the eight bottle stoppers. Of all my tours on the Bourbon Trail, Buffalo Trace was my favorite place to visit. Buy American and keep those fine folks at The Trace working.

Paul Anderson - 07/29/2011

I recently tried Blanton's and was amazed how good it is! I have been drinking Knob Creek for years. I now have a new favorite!

Dennis Moses
Floyd Virginia

Dennis Moses - 07/19/2011

Congratulations on a great bourbon ! From Crown Royal to Blanton's ,I finally made it for a great taste.

R. Horst - 07/18/2011

Had a favorite for quite a while (Knob Creek), but then I tried Blanton - so SMOOTH! Even theh aroma is smooth. Now I have a new favorite.

Cheryl - 07/14/2011

I received a bottle of Blanton's for my 21st, a wonderful welcome to the world of bourbon.


Nathaniel from Tallahassee, FL - 07/01/2011

Well I do live in Germany and I got my fingers on Blanton´s and he is the best what I have ever tried! Only by the smell you notice he is something very special! Usually I don´t drink any bourbon or any alcohol that often but this one is amazing good and I will forward Blanton´s to all I know! If my dad would be still here, he would have loved this one!

Keep on going and lots of succes.



D. Rosalie Vasmeer - 06/25/2011

Hi John M. Vaughn...can you contact us using the "Contact Us," icon at the top of the webpage? We would be happy to help locate retailers in Boca Raton.


admin - 06/25/2011


Where in Boca Raton, Florida, can I find Blanton's? I know that you have a distributor in Deerfield Beach, but I mean local stores.

John M. Vaughn III

John M. Vaughn III - 06/25/2011


Does anyone know where I might find Blanton's in the Boca Raton, Florida area?


John M. Vaughn III - 06/25/2011

Hello Jacek,

Yes, Blanton's is available in Poland. Our distributor is M&P Wine and Spirits.

Contact for further information.


admin - 06/22/2011

Is Blanton's available in Poland? I haven't found it. Tried it once (the Original Single Barrel) by my friend, who brought it from USA and I found it the best Bourbon I ever tried. I loved the bouquet, the color and the dry taste. I consider purchasing some 20-30 bottles as a gifts for my best customers. Any advices where to get them from? Ah, and the bottles they are classy:-)

Jacek Jadczak - 06/18/2011

When simply enjoying the best, it is best enjoyed simply. Neat. Congratulations on a great bourbon. Brooks and Priscilla, Baltimore, Md and Orange Beach, AL

Brooks and Priscilla Royster - 06/17/2011

Looking for Blanton's in your area? Click on the DISTRIBUTORS link at the top of this page to search for distributors near you.


admin - 06/14/2011

Looking for Blanton's in your area? Click on the Distributors link at the top of the Blanton's home screen page to search for retailers near you.

admin - 06/14/2011

Blanton's is the smoothist, best tasting bourbon whiskey I have ever had. I am a convert from single barral Jack.

Ken Brown - 06/11/2011

I live in Buffalo N.Y. is your bourbon available in this area?

Gary Kozlowski - 06/11/2011

This bourbon is quite possibly the best I have ever had. Please sell the reserve in the states

Glenn P Kent - 06/09/2011

Well, my liquor store thought it was a good idea to stop selling Blanton's. So the price dropped 25% ... my luck ... Normally my whisky's are Scottish or Irish. In the USA I discovered that a good bourbon was also something nice to drink (mainly in Utah). But back in Holland I just stayed with Scotch. Untill now ... I just offered myself a tiny little one just for the taste and it is marvellous. The liquor store has 4 bottles left, I might just buy them all.

Frank - 06/08/2011

Dear Blanton's

We just wanted to let you know that you are our favorite bourbon! We drink from your cup regularly and enjoy collecting the bottle stoppers as well. When is the next bourbon festival and will Blanton's be there? We have never been but have heard about the festival through our friends. We hope to see you soon...thanks for the great bourbon!

Our best to you,

Doug and Deb Hunter
Fredericksburg, VA

Doug & Deb Hunter - 05/26/2011

Soy de argentina y realmente tuve el gusto de conocer este bourbon en un free shop, lo compre porque siempre me gusta probar algo nuevo, dado que nunca lo había degustado, cuando lo hice fue una sorpresa gratísima, una explosión de aromas y sabores, tal es así que mi mujer -a la cual no le gustan los whiskys- le agradó mucho. Sin más, y disculpándome por no poder escribir en inglés, les agradezco por su esfuerzo y su dedicación tan profesional. Los saludo cordiamente. Leonardo Giacomino

leo giacomino - 05/24/2011

Dedicated a special blog post to the Kentucky Derby, using your bourbon in a decadent chocolate dessert! Of course, we're drinking some also ;-)

Denise@There's a Newf in My Soup! - 05/07/2011

I found a bottle from 1994 and want to make sure it's safe to drink. The bottle is in mint condition. With the KY Derby next week I want to give it to the most fanatic derby fan that I know.

Marty - 04/29/2011

Hi. Greetings from Portugal.
My cousin offered me an Original Single Barrel for my birthday and today i started tasting it, so i only have at this moment one word to decribe it------AWESOME. Thank you Blanton for providing such a great experience.

João Medeiros - 04/24/2011

I've always enjoyed your original bourbon. Eagerly looking forward to finding an trying your other bourbons!

bpaver - 04/21/2011

I love to sip (ok sometimes gulp) whiskey, and in particular over ice cubes - especially while savoring one of my favorite cigars. Last month my wife and I visited a local jazz piano bar and settled in to sip and listen. The female bartender was awsome! She immediatly noticed I enjoy whiskey and asked me if I'd appreciate a few "blind" tastes. "Of course" I said. Who would pass on an oportunity like that? I was so excited about her idea I called another buddy and his wife - they love a good drink too - to come join us. They immediately jumped in their car an arrived less than 15 minutes later. After a few tastes, I selected my favorite. I learned it was Blanton's. Not to sound like a "wine guy"... but I loved the beginning, the midle, and the end. While I continued to "nurse" a larger glass of this new found liquid gold, the bartender began explaining everything about Blanton's I never knew. Where and how it is made, how long it's aged, that each letter of the name Blanton's is located below one of the horse's back feet, that the horses are in differing positions according to each letter and relative to "the race", that each bottle is numbered, dated, and signed. By then I decided I had to own each one. Within a few days, I purchased a bottle for each letter - the "N" twice - with the exception of the letter "O" which I've yet to locate. I will find my eighth bottle. Soon, I hope. In any event, I am now a Blanton's convert. While on ocassion I'll still sip other brands, if give a choice I'll always request Blanton's. Maybe someday, after I've finished all eight bottles, I'll have more Blanton's stories to tell.......

Stan F. - Phoenix, AZ

Stan F. - Phoenix, AZ - 04/20/2011

I've been enjoying Blanton's Original for many years. The display of stoppers and all the extras are a testament to how many bottles I've acquired. Please, for the love all that's holy in distilling, don't change anything.

The only issue I can't wrap my head around is why the Special Reserve, Gold, and Barrel labels are only offered internationally. Even then they're pretty hard to find. What's the reason(s)?

Steve Martin - 04/17/2011

I never understood my friends admiration of bourbon, then I tried yours. The shape of the bottle caught my eye, then the pacer with jockey on the cork, and the label with handwritten details of my single barrel. I knew there had to be something special inside because of the pride taken in the container. Your bourbon is amazing, rich, smokey, seductive.

I've enjoyed every drop -- it's great to sip while reading, and not to offend anyone, but I love to cook and bake with it too. It makes an amazing burnt sugar brittle and adds great flavor to beef or chicken.

Thank you to everyone at Blanton's for being dedicated to creating an extraordinary bourbon.

Sadly, I must report the demise of Bottle No. 138. I look forward to discovery what my next number will be.


CJ Smith - 04/13/2011

ALOHA....were on our 9th bottle.....& have all 8 letters for our collection.....we kind of know its petty good....the first one being the best..papa Rich

richard - 04/12/2011

I'm a Bartender in a Bourbon Bar and I have to say "Blanton's its one of the best Bourbon Whisky in my bar and I have more than 150 difrent Whiskys". I work in Houston TX. and I'll be selling Blanton's to all my customers!

Luis Villegas - 04/07/2011

Got a taste of the Original Single Barrel from a cigar buddy at the lounge this weekend, from aroma to taste to finish this was a scintillatingly smooth & flavorful complement to my cigar. Will get my first bottle this week.

Sam - 04/04/2011

Bought my first bottle today, hooray!

Jesse L - 04/03/2011

I have been drinking Blantons for years! I started buying it when I was younger just for the simple fact I thought it was cool to have my last name on the bottle but now that my taste has matured, I drink it because it's the best of the best! I share it with everyone I have drinks with and they are now fans! Keep making this wonderful bourbon and I will keep sharing it with the world!

Brad Blanton - 03/28/2011

Just a few things,
Could we please create a "Blanton's Bourbon Appreciation Society” or something like it, where the members could get access to specials, discounts, promotional items and the like that We in the society could use to try to get more people to taste Blanton's.
Could we hold tastings at local stores arranged by the members, where people come and compare Blanton's to other bourbons.
In addition to a whole host of other things.

Please let me know what you think.



Berdj Agopian - 03/21/2011

Blanton's is hands down the best Bourbon I have ever tasted. I am now exclusively drinking Blanton's.

Jeremy Payn - 03/19/2011

My mother-in-low had kept your single barrel bourbon for several years and gave it to us as we are bourbon lovers . And it tasted like `Wow , I haven`t drunk such a bourbon till now ! ` Yours is definitely No.1 single barrel bourbon whiskey and we love it !! I wonder where we could get yours in Japan. Now I learned that you are the historical single barrel bourbon company . I hope that someday I could join the tour and know about your products more.

Sayoko Takahashi - 03/14/2011

Very special bourbon !!! I like bourbons and Blanton´s is best !!! Thank you
for your good work and i wish to you all best only. I´m manager of WiN Casino Prague
and I have this bourbon at our bar ( home too ).
Petr Pavala, Prague - The Czech Republic

Petr Pavala - 03/12/2011

Very special bourbon. I like bourbons and Blanton´s is best !!! Thank you for your good work.
I´m manager of WiN Casino Prague and I have this bourbon at our bar. ( home too ).
Petr Pavala, Prague, The Czech Republic.

Petr Pavala - 03/12/2011

Best bourbon I've ever tasted, but one to save up for.

Charlie Wiley - 03/12/2011

A short time ago I lived in Louisville Kentucky. When residing there I attempted to dab a bit into any and every single-barrel bourbon possible trying to find my favorite. If I could list all of the ones tasted I would, but I cannot recall all of them. Blanton's became my clear favorite, and there was nothing like a nice glass at the end of the night or on a Saturday afternoon sitting on my front porch. I have recently relocated to Nacogdoches Texas and am feeling deprived of Blanton's! I am going to continue my search, and am determined to find a way of obtaining some.

Derek Steffen - 03/08/2011

My first taste of Blanton's was at DBA bar in the Marigny dist. in New Orleans. I have been hooked since. Two fingers of Blanton's is the perfect end to any meal. Love the idea of the center cut of Warehouse H, great story to tell over my glass of bourbon.

Burdette - 03/08/2011

Recently introduced to Blanton's. It is the best bourbon I have ever had.

George - 03/07/2011

We were part of a behind the scenes tour the Buffalo Trace distillery in December, 2010 and got to see first hand the people and the passion that goes into producing this exceptional bourbon. After that trip, I now stock and enjoy Blanton's for quite sipping occassions or to share with friends during special times. Naturally, those friends have become fans as well and are doing the same. I'd like to send a special shout out to Freddy our tour guide. He was terrific and helped us to fully understand the tradition and the conditions of excellence you apply to making fine bourbon. The memory of that trip and the memories we create each time we pour a glass (neat as God intended) make me a lifetime Blanton's fan. Thank you!

Bruce Norton - 03/06/2011

Your bourbon is very special and very good anytime and anywhere.
...and very nice bottle... Thank you. Petr P. - Prague CZ

Petr Pavala - 03/03/2011

This bourbon is my favorite by far. I am not new to this product but I have always been interested in the story behind the stopper on the top of the bottle. What is the reason this figure was used?

Anonymous - 03/02/2011

I was just introduced to Blanton's at Clubhouse 66 in Glendora, CA this weekend and love it! This will now replace my previous single barrel bourbon. Great job!

NMP - 02/27/2011