The only thing we love more than making our bourbon, is getting to hear from the people who enjoy it.
Whether you are new to our bourbon or a true bourbon connoisseur we want to hear your story.
Tell us what you think about Blanton’s “The Original” Single Barrel Bourbon.

oh noes

every christmas i send the wife to the kidsand grandkids and but a bottle of "special" whiskey for my celebration. this year i chose blanton's, i'm not waiting until next christmas to buy the next bottle!

john - 01/02/2012

2012 will start with a New Tradition with our new bootle of Blanton... I love that pony!

aka.sorti - 12/29/2011

I tried Blanton's for the first time this evening and I must say it's very, very good. Blanton's by far is one of the smoothest bourbons I have ever tasted. I'm a "die hard" Makers Mark drinker, but Blanton's will definitely be for my special moments! I would highly recommend it to anyone that is looking for a nice smooth bourbon. Jack, Knob Creek, Jim Beam, pour em' out and get some Blanton's!!

Brother Vern - 12/28/2011

30 years I've been drinking Bourbon, You're Bourbon for the last 3 ( rather nice at a great price ).
Flicking through the net and I came apon a Half Race Track for the stoppers, but when I tried to find it
again I could not find it. A few of my friends And I here in Australia would really like to add this Item to our Bar Collections.
If you or anyone could help me find this Item it would be greatly appreciated.
Cheers - Mark T

Mark T - 12/27/2011

Next to Pappy van Winkle 20yr Blanton's Original Single barrel is the best Bourbon I have ever had the pleasure to consume.

C Anderson - 12/27/2011

I buy Blanton's at the ABC store in Burlington, NC a few times a month....... I get no shelf life at my house.

NC Blanton - 12/27/2011

On New Years Eve day I buy a bottle of Blanton's
Bourbon. This is something I do for me.

Paul G - 12/23/2011

Is it true after I complete my collection of stoppers you will send me a horse statue??

Doug - 12/23/2011

How could a fine American, southern distellary like Blanton's sell their finest bourbon only internationally, or in duty free shops? This boggles the mind that I as a southern bourbon afficianado have to spend three times the retail cost of the whisky to get it. Would you please explain this to me.

RHBIII - 12/22/2011

A Registered Dietician that I work with way up here in St. Jacobs Ontario Canada bought me a bottle (Barrel #189, registered bottle #154) for a Christmas present. I had my first sip about 20 minutes ago. It tastes wonderful. The start is a strong vanilla taste with apricots and lemons, like a beautifully aged Scotch from Speyside. This is followed by a deluge all over my mouth like a Spring Honey from Corsica followed by that unmistakable fresh finish of Kentucky and visions of blue sky, verdant grass and white rail fences in the warm sunshine. Thanks for a succulent mouth feel too!

Tom - 12/21/2011

It is hard to find it in North Carolina but my brother gets me a bottle evry time I go visit him in Ohio. I enjoy every last drop of it.

Shane Blanton - 12/19/2011

Yes, we would all love to have Blanton's in Alabama...what else would we drink ;}

Sue Blanton - 12/15/2011

as a Scot of ancient family, my tipple was always a good malt whisky, preferably over 30 years old. Blantons has just knocked my sox off. I am converted! Slainte!

john pendreich - 12/15/2011

I just had my first sip of Blanton's tonight. Without a doubt it is the smoothest bourbon I've had. I am a Jim Beam products fan - Jim Beam, Knob Creek, & Bookers - but I generally use a mixer with them. Blanton's needed nothing. I usually serve my friends Jim or Knob Creek and would reserve the Bookers for myself. There is now another bottle that I'll be hiding from my friends. I wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't so GOOD!!

Nelson - 12/13/2011

Blanton's is, by far, the finest bourbon on the market. I was raised and still live in Michigan, and had my first taste of Blanton's following my grandmother's funeral. It was a bottle she kept in her bar, and it just so happens that her maiden name was Blanton and she was from Jackson, KY. That was more than a decade ago, and I have not found a better bourbon.

Keep Up the Good Work!


Anonymous - 12/03/2011

Hi JHK in Alabama,

Sorry you've had trouble finding Blanton's in your area. Here is the distributor in Alabama;

2715 Gunter Park Drive W Montgomery, AL 36192


If you continue to have problems feel free to contact us directly at


admin - 11/29/2011

Found Blanton's by ordering another bourbon which was out of stock. Waiter insisted I and my friend try Blanton's even though more expensive, he sold it at lower price in order to try. One sip and it was over for all other brands. I have tried almost all the high end and will never stray from the greatest tasting Bourbon on the face of the earth. Introduced it to my son (Navy Seal) and now have a tradition in the family. We relax and drink Blanton's on the rocks and solve world problems. Both my best friend and son are also hooked. I usually have four or five bottles in my locker just in case of a disaster. Can always use it for medicinal purposes of sorts. It is truly enjoyed. The aroma and flavor are the best.

Rick 11-28-2011 - 11/29/2011

We live in Alabama and upon a visit to my son's this pass weekend,he said I should try Blanton's , there is the problem. I can't find it anywhere in Alabama. Must be nice to have a product so good ,that you can sell it all over the world but not in Alabama. I tried the biggest LIQUOR Stores in Destin ,Florida ONCE AGAIN NO LUCK. Sure would be nice to get a bottle without going out of the country.

jhk - 11/29/2011

I am a 57 year old long time bourbon drinker. I was big on Maker's, and still am for a friends and family bourbon. Some of the guys and I tasted Blanton's about 6 months ago and, without a doubt, it is the finest, smoothest bourbon I have ever put in my mouth. It is on the TOP shelf in my bar area, only to be sipped with very special people. Keep up the great work!

Victor - 11/28/2011

At the age of sixty (60), I have been drinking various bourbons sine I was eighteen (18) years old. After forty two (42) years of enjoying bourbon, I truly believe Blanton's to be the best available.

Depending on availabilty it will always be my first choice of call.

Thanks for a great drink.


David A. Morgan, Jr., Esquire - 11/27/2011

I enjoy this particular one! Very easy on the palate and as you sip, you can't help but feel a touch of butterscotch! Great whisky and one to be enjoyed with or without a nice smoke!

TRP - 11/26/2011

Blanton's Single Barrel Bourbon is simply the best I have ever had and i've had many of the best bourbons available. Straight or maybe one ice cube.....just maybe.

Sjobey - 11/23/2011

C'est très bon, ce bourbon restera dans les traditions, qu'importe le pays dans lequel nous habitons !

choisir lunettes de soleil

Francky - 11/22/2011

I also have tried many premium bourbons but always buy Blanton's just in case. For me, no longer need to try others. I will stick with the "best" from now on. I like mine straight from the bottle, no ice. I have a Blanton's bag full of stoppers. Additionally, the navy sacks the bottles come in are great for carrying black powder rifle essentials...nice old-time look!

John - 11/21/2011

After receiving my promotion I made sure to stop by my local store and treat myself to a bottle of Blanton's so that I may toast myself.

Ari - 11/20/2011

Millard Loren Blanton

Millard Loren Blanton - 11/18/2011

Having been introduced to Blanton's earlier this year it was pure chance my wife and I drove through the area this summer on the way back to Virginia. Our original intent was to buy a t-shirt for our friend who is a big fan of Blanton's. Our waitress at Chile's where we stopped for dinner told us that we should buy a barrel as a gift and take the tour. We did just that and we are so happy that we did. The tour was fantastic and we felt like family before we left. But the best part of the visit was Freddie. If you are in the area we would highly recommend stopping to take the tour and joining the "family". Absolutely wonderful experience and well worth the time spent. By the way, take home a bottle of Blanton's Cream!

Anonymous - 11/16/2011

Last night we were watching Desperate Housewives 11/13/20211. One of the main characters, Lynette, was giving her husband a bottle of scotch for their anniversary. However, to a discerning Blantons lover, I noticed it was not a bottle of scotch, but a good bottle of Blantons. Nice product placement.

Anonymous - 11/15/2011

I introduced my three brothers to Blanton's a few years ago. Every time one of them brings a newly researched bottle of 'premium' bourbon to my house, the comment is the same...'Well, it is not as good as Blanton's.'

The best bourbon we have ever tasted. Il Quattro Fratelli! John, Rob, Tony and Pauley

Pauley - 11/11/2011

I'm a logger during the week in northern Michigan - one of the most beautiful, hardest working states in the USA. I work hard all week, and when it's time for the weekend, it's always Blanton's OSB on the rocks. Today, I had to pick up another bottle, and you'll be glad to know that bottle no.155 from barrel 13, rick 14 will be savored to the last drop here in Michigan, USA.

Keep up the great quality.

Steve - 11/05/2011

Please let me know where in Ontario, Canada can I get a bottle? I bought a bottle years ago and it had a very special flavour.

Bev - 10/30/2011

I was born and raised in Kentucky, but I've lived in Florida for the past 40 years...I'm no youngster. Been a bourbon drinker for many years, but tasted Blanton's for the first time while in Nashville a few months ago. It was a small pub that only carried two premium bourbons. Lucky for me one of them was Blanton's.


Michael - 10/29/2011

A hot guitar and ice cold Blanton's make for some smokin jams!!!

Faethor - 10/29/2011

A hot guitar and some cold Blanton's makes for some smokin jams!!!

Faethor - 10/29/2011

Just returned from a work trip in Lexington, KY. I managed to make some time to come to your distillery and take the tour. Freddie was the tour guide and was just great. He is extremly knowledgeable and very personable. I am sorry to hear of the passing of his father.
I brought back a bottle of the corn vodka, but right now I am enjoying 2 fingers of Blanton's dumped on 6-3-10 from Barrel No. 217 which was stored in warehouse H on Rick No. 8.
Love your product, keep up the excellent tradition!

David - 10/23/2011


I'm french, and I love your bourbons !
For me, it's the better of the world !
Thank you very much.


Spindler - 10/17/2011

i had blanton's for the first time around two or three years ago. i hadn't really experienced bourbon was love at first sip. it has consistently been my favorite since. i've started my stopper collection and look forward to many more years of my favorite bourbon.

keep it up, don't change a thing!

alexandra ann - 10/16/2011

I'm a true bourbon fan and I'm often asked what I recommend. I always say Blanton's.

Lee Barron, KY - 10/15/2011

I am about to open A bottle tonight regestered NO>171 dumped on 9/23/87 From barrel #666
Stored in wrehouse H on rick # 29
sure hope we enjoy it
Don Olson
Clifford Ontario Canada

Don Olson - 10/14/2011

Just had to respect the Bourbon BRAVO .... wow ...struggling to express my feelings just WOW. Found this in the top shelf of a local store. I am now sold.!! Wonderful masterful ful ful ful ..... Highest regard. You should be very proud of this exceptional bourbon. A round of applause please .... BRAVO flavour / colour / smell AMAZING AAAA+++++

Acura - 10/10/2011

we, in india rarely get such good drinks. presented by a friend from usa, i had it for the first time. no words to describe, how good it is. AWESOME taste. LONGLIVE BLANTONS

jaswinder pal singh - 10/10/2011

A friend told me about this bourbon he had tried, found it, saw it on my favourite tv show, Weeds.
Fantastic aroma, taste and finish.. Well done!
I now have a new fave drink.. Blanton's xx

Zenya - 10/09/2011

THE BEST bourbon I have drunk !
The finish let me remember the first time I ate apple pie.

Mutsumi - From Hong Kong

Mutsumi - 09/22/2011

THE BEST bourbon I have drunk ! The finish let me remember the first time I ate apple pie.

Mutsumi - From Hong Kong

Mutsumi - 09/22/2011

Dear Blanton's

I have just recently added you to my stock of great bourbons. You have quickly shot strait to the top of the favorites list for my most pickiest patrons. I only wish we had meet sooner..
Cheers..... to a long and prosperous relationship!

SPORTZ BAR - 09/18/2011

Well,, what can i say , its 10.30 pm on a sat night, iv just flown back from a 5 week job on the other side of the country, haven t slept since thurs night , and after, 2 days 2 flyghts , and to quote a song,,, a hard days night, im finaly home with my wife and my dog a ,Blantons private reserve in hand and everything is great. thanks boys, LT.

L T from Australia - 09/17/2011

Best bourbon ever.

Daniel - 09/14/2011

The best bourbon I have ever had. We are on our 7th bottle. This is the real deal. Not a bourbon for the mixers unless your a fool. I enjoy it warm year around. It has a one of a kind taste and smoothness to it. I put dimes in my empty bottles; definitely the coolest bottle of all. Go Tigers!


Rusty Senn of Clemson, SC - 09/09/2011

Un très bon alcool que nous adorons déguster entre amis avec un bon cigare ! Une qualité supérieure que sont loin d'égaler les médiocres jus de pieds industriels que l'on trouve à foison dans n'importe quel commerce. En deux mots : saveur et prestige !

Fabio - 09/02/2011

We had a dram of Blanton's on our tasting and it was great stuff.

The Young Smugglers

Raboutski - 08/24/2011