The only thing we love more than making our bourbon, is getting to hear from the people who enjoy it.
Whether you are new to our bourbon or a true bourbon connoisseur we want to hear your story.
Tell us what you think about Blanton’s “The Original” Single Barrel Bourbon.

oh noes

Yes, my maiden name is Blanton!! and I was raised in N. Ky.! I have been a bourbon lover for quite a few years, but had never tried Blanton's. My in-laws (who also live in Ky.) were serving Blanton's before Thanksgiving Dinner this year. Needless to say, I loved it and am extremely proud that a possible ancestor of mine created this wonderfully smooth drink. I now have a bottle in the liquor cabinet, and will enjoy many relaxing evenings, sipping a glass in front of the fire during the Christmas season! I am so proud!! Well done Blanton's!!!! Next time I get back "home" to Ky, I will most certainly make a trip to Frankfort!

Jody Blanton Barton - 12/17/2012

Well my friend's I will keep it simple.
Simply the BEST!!!!!
I willl never change what i drink. Never!


Agustin Guevara MD DC - 12/17/2012

Blanton's is my favourite bourbon ever!
There is no Poland to shoose from the list of countries on your main page...

Paulie - 12/15/2012

I love Blanton's and I hate Blanton's and here's why: I'm a 23 year old college student who just happens to be particularly picky about his bourbon. I love Blanton's because it's smooth, it's delicious, and I can't imagine drinking anything else. I hate Blanton's because nothing else compares. Seriously, I can't drink anything else anymore. I've purchased multiple other Bourbons and Whiskeys and nothing else compares. Blanton's, you are a wonderful product and I look forward to many more years with you.

Trevor - 12/13/2012

Blanton's is the only bourbon I drink; I'm mainly a vodka, gin and scotch man. Yours is the best, and only bourbon, as far as I'm concerned.

Patrick von Merveldt - 12/08/2012

I am primarily a beer drinker. I happened upon single barrel bourbon a few years ago and have since become something of a bourbon snob. Blanton’s is an exceptional choice. Smooth and flavorful. Well worth the cost.

Anonymous - 12/08/2012

I was in our local bottleshop recently, just trying to be inspired by something new to try. A stranger noticed me searching and suggested Blantons. At $70.00 a bottle ( Austarlian dollars) it was not the cheapest option. I bit the bullet and bought one. WOW!!! This is the taste of bourbon that I have been seeking. The magnificent aromas and complex, smooth flavour are amazing. Thank you for producing such a wonderful taste of Kentucky.

Paul Jakubik - 12/01/2012

Great bourbon! Tried it for the first time and this is the best, smooth bourbon around

Anonymous - 11/27/2012

Recently discovered Blantons and it's our favorite bourbon ever!

Peter Harrison - 11/21/2012

11-20-12 Our first bottle as a gift from Ali and Jessica.

Todd Mattucci - 11/20/2012

Most unique & lovely bottle of bourbon in all of Kentucky & the world!

Anonymous - 09/17/2012

I tried Blanton's for the first time last week, and it was, in a word, OUTSTANDING! My former favorite bourbon, Woodford Reserve, is now a distant second to Blanton's. I drank it "nearly" neat, with 2 thin cubes to chill it. I'm a fan! Thanks for the wonderful product.

George - 09/12/2012

Blanton's Bourbon - Not enough "O's" in the word smooth to describe it.
Now would someone from your company please contact the Food and Beverage Director of the Kansas Star Casino in Mulvane Kansas to get your product on the shelf there?
They offer several bottles of fine wine at $1500.00 a bottle but the best they have in Bourbon is Maker's Mark?
Send someone to educate them on the delight of your product.
But as I work there, don't tell them I sent you. It would mean my job.

Stefan - 09/12/2012

recently enjoyed my first bottle of Blanton's and Wow is it good. Intrigued about the different caps, so will have to go for the collection. Planning a trip of the Bourbon trail the first week of October. Wife and me and her brother and his wife making the trip. See you soon

Paul Zimmer - 09/11/2012

Does anyone have some empty bottle I could use for my wedding!?? I am in Sydney Australia. Thanks so much!

Jessica - 09/08/2012

contact if you have any empty blantons bottles available for our Sydney Australia wedding.

Jessica - 09/04/2012

I am getting married in Decemeber 2012, in Australia. My partner and I love Blantons and would love bottles to use as vases for our wedding flowers. We are looking for empty bottle donations! In Sydney, Australia.

Thanks so much,

Jessica - 09/04/2012

I love my whiskey. I found Blanton's after I read an article in the LA Times comparing Blanton's to a number of high end whiskeys. Without a doubt Blanton's was the superior tasting bourbon. I keep a number of whiskeys at my home for company. I keep Blanton's for me.

Gary A. Romo - 09/01/2012

Blanton's is the best bourbon I've enjoyed... Better than Old Charter, even the 23 year old Pappy Van Winckel. Keep doing what you do.

Gary Hans - 09/01/2012

Lately, I have been on a bourbon quest, trying many different types of bourbons of varying ages. I keep coming back to Blanton's. It is so beautifully balanced with a wonderful mouth feel. The orange, spice, vanilla, caramel are in such harmony. It is always a pleasure. Thank you.

Mark Leos - 09/01/2012

I have been a fan for many years! Best stuff ever! I would like to try some of the special offerings. Any idea where i can get them in NC?

George - 08/22/2012

if yall ever get to alabama give me a call. david t. blanton semmes,al. 1-251-635-2028. planning on seeing yalls place soon. keep it smooth and flowing.

david t. blanton - 08/19/2012

Recently found my way to Blanton's and never going back. If you put anything in it aside from ice you are committing crimes against humanity!

Matt R - 08/17/2012

This is hands down my favorite bourbon, and I have tried everyone that can be purchased locally.

Chris - 08/12/2012

Best bourbon made!!! Thanks Uncle Albert!!!

Kevin T. Blanton - 08/11/2012

Since I went on the Bourbon Trail 4 years ago, I have become a connoisseur of fine bourbons. I have not found any that I enjoy more than your yours.

GT - 08/09/2012

On the Store page there is a photo of the stoppers resting in a wooden holder, but I don't see anything of that sort available for purchase. I am having a contest with my boyfriend as to who can find all the letters first. I have them all now, and want to surprise him, but want a way to display them and not just have a jumble of stoppers on the table. Any help? Thank you.

Valorie - 07/31/2012

Just wanted to let you know that Blanton's has been seen several times on "The Young and the Restless". When they do camera shots from behind the liquor shelves looking towards the bar , the signature bottle w/horse and jockey is very recognizable.

John - 07/17/2012

I've just found out about Blanton's and am overly impressed. I'm really on here trying to find out how I can place an order directly. No one seem to keep any aroud.

James Scott Jones - 07/11/2012

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Artur - 07/10/2012

I have a bottle of Original Blend that I bought on the airplane leaving my first base in Italy in 1988. I will finally open it at the Kentucky Derby 2013.....

Michael Spencer - 07/09/2012

At 75 I will admit to having my first drink of Banton's tonight.
Moving from Makers Mark to Gentleman Jacks a couple years ago I thought I had arrived.
But NO, you had to spoil it all.
Blanton's is the smoothest and most flavorful bourbon I have experienced. What a treat!
Thank you.

Another convert,

Greg Smith

Greg Smith - 07/01/2012

I work in a restaurant which carries Blanton's and was excited to procure a bottle for my father for Father's Day. I may have ruined him for future gifts as it is clear now that he will be expecting Blanton's on a regular basis. Although I am not a big fan of spirits, I readily admit that a Blanton's Old-Fashioned is like a warm and wonderful holiday for me.

Sara - 06/29/2012

Have a question about Blanton's Single Barrel Bourbon? Feel free to email your question to



admin - 06/28/2012

Hi Ian,

Blanton's is available in Australia at most Dan Murphy's bottle shops and most Woolworth's stores.



admin - 06/28/2012

A friend in Louisianna said your Bourbon was great.

Is there a distributor in Australia or must I travel to the US to get a bottle?


Hicksi - 06/27/2012

I just recieved a bottle of the "Gold Edition" and I must say it is quite delicious!

Will - 06/20/2012

I 'confess' I am a conviced Scotch fan.
Lately I got a bottel of your Blanton's Single Barrel Bourbon.
Honestly, I got it because I liked the design of the bottle.
So far Bourbon was nothing special for me.
Now yours has changed my view on Bourbon.
I must say that drinking your product was a real pleasure,
and just it's perfume is a delight for itself.
Thanks for your craft!

Astrid - 06/19/2012

I like to think of myself as a bit of an aficionado of bourbon. I thought that I had tasted the very best. I was wrong.

I picked up a bottle of your stunning bourbon on a trip to Las Vegas this past weekend. I broke the seal last night and was floored; the first sip literally gave me goosebumps; such an amazingly rich and complex flavor. That first taste made a lifelong fan of me.

I'm an author by trade and I'll be using the promise of a finger (or maybe three) of your bourbon as an incentive to get those last few daily words out; I don't think I've ever enjoyed my job more.

Thank you.

Paul Jones - 06/12/2012

Every year I embark on finding the best bourbon. For a couple months we will buy a new bourbon each week and rate them against others we have had. But no matter how many different types of bourbons I try, nothing compares to Blanton’s flavor, scent and smooth taste. I love this Bourbon and love to share it with friends and family when they come over.

I just wish your Gold, Straight from the Barrel and SR bottles were accessible in the USA.


USA401 - 06/11/2012

My brother, living in Lexington at the time, bought me a bottle of Blanton's for my 21st birthday and I've been drinking it ever since. When my wife asks me what I want for my birthday or Christmas, all I have to say is 'you know what I want..'

Shawn Becker - 06/09/2012

I recently moved from the US to Oz, and can't tell you how happy I was to find Blanton's available here! It's bit more coin here than in the States, but worth every penny!!

Gregg Bell - 06/04/2012

After years of drinking Makers Mark, I was invited to try Makers Mark "46". worlds away from regular Makers, settled in and enjoyed it exclusively
One of my customers, on the way to the Airport, told me about the high end taste testing they had the night before.
Everyone brought a high end Bourbon, then the winner of the tasteing, was paired against his bottle of Blantons, which won hands down.
This began my search for a bottle of B. Once secured, I discovered what the fuss was about. Multi textured tastes, very pleasing to the palate, I am in love.
Don't get me wrong, Saturday is my "46" day, with a couple of 3 finger glasses, Sunday is for a sumptuous dinner cooked by yours truely, with a special glass, filled with Blantons.
The glass, is 74 years old, from the Pennsylvania Railroad, GG1 pulled,"Congressional" Train which ran from Washington to NYC. As the story goes the thirsty Congressmen and Senators,complained to the PRR about the small on the rocks glasses they used, so the railroad designed a glass, that with ice to the top, would still hold 4 shots of liquor, complete with the GG1, and 8 Aluminum Budd cars wrapping around the glass. (This may be the only positive thing Congress and the Senate has ever done)
I bought 6 at auction for $1 each, (I only pour that much Blantons for the dearest of friends) I thank your artisans, for making an absolutely stunning perfect Bourbon,which ends my week with a perfect drink, and a perfect meal.
As a sidebar, I must tell you, your Bourbon is outstandingly incredible with my homemade rubbed BBQ'd Pork Shoulder. Pulled pork,homemade
Baked beans with pork Jowl and slaw, should only be served with Blantons Bourbon

Thanks for making my Sundays!
Chef David F Becker Sr.

Cheffy_Dave - 06/03/2012

My husband and I just got back from a Buffalo Trace tour on June 1. We totally enjoyed it! The tour guide really knew the products and made the tour really interesting. We absolutely love Blanton's Bourbon and now that we have been through the tour enjoy it all the more. The tour guide took us through where they bottle Blanton's Bourbon and now we appreciate it all the more. Thank you so much for the most enjoyable and informative tour! We are from Texas and if we ever come back this is definately a tour we will take again and recommend.

Thank you again!
Lisa and Chuck Nordmeyer

Lisa Nordmeyer - 06/03/2012

As a transplanted Kentuckian living in Missouri the past 14 years I have tried telling whoeover would listen that true Bourbon only comes from Kentucky and the best of the best is Blanton's! I like other Bourbons in my whisky sours but have always and only drank Blanton's neat.

We recently visited a restaurant in our hometown in Washington, MO and noticed to my surprise that Blanton's was on the liquor shelf. I had a drink while enjoying our creme brulee and oh was it good! I have since learned the owner keeps his precious stoppers all in a row on top of the bar and will not part with them (believe me I tried!)

Please, please keep up the good work!

Anonymous - 06/01/2012


Anonymous - 05/30/2012

my father was a liquor salesman in the 80's. we foound a 1984 sealed bottle of blantons with the horse stopper. how much would this be worth and should we not open at this point?


Anonymous - 05/30/2012

My supervisor has been telling me about your bourbon for about 5 months now. I had yet to find it until just the other day, I was at my favorite liquor store and happened across a bottle of the original. I was so shocked I grabbed it and hurried out of the store and directly to my house, after paying for it first, of course. I must say your bourbon is now my favorite. My boss wasn't lying. I will be a regular customer now. Besides, I have to complete my collection of horses!!

nimmy - 05/24/2012

The best bourbon! Ive been to Buffalo Trace and it is a wonderful place to visit. Blanton's is the only bourbon I will buy, after being introduced to it from my cousin about 3 years ago. I always share my drinks with others that haven't heard of it nor tasted and everyone loves it. Even those that don't drink bourbon. So, thank you! For making the best bourbon, in my books, that I've ever had!
Your Loyal Customer,

M. Isenhour - 05/21/2012

My wife gave me a bottle of Blanton's Special Reserve as a gift 2 years ago. Just opened it tonight under protest as I didn't want to spoil the cap.
All I can say is,"Very unique bottle, very unique cap, and very unique taste, in fact so unique, you should send me a few sample bottles, or barrels,
Purely for market research and quality control. Wouldn't want company standards to start slipping now would we. Jesus turned water into wine, if only it had been bourbon instead. But in saying that, over here in oz land, bourbon is often refered to as nector of the gods.
All the more reason you should send me some of your product to ensure it s fit for down under consumption, (quality control, etc ).
I look forward to your reply with anticipation, and an empty whiskey glass.
Regards, and much respect
G.E. Henderson

Glen - 05/18/2012