whisky live Paris 2012

Whisky Live Paris is one of the largest whisky and spirits tasting shows in the world. Whisky Live is an international event taking place throughout the year, from Shangai to New York, as well as in London and Johannesburg.

Since 2003, Paris has been hosting this event every year in September and Blanton's Single Barrel Bourbon will once again be a featured guest.

The Date:
September 8th-10th 2012

The Theme:

The Vintage Spirit: a theme built around the universal concept of Time. Between vintage whiskies and cocktails from the Roaring Twenties, through the evolution of styles and consumption patterns, Whisky Live Paris 2012 will allow the brands that are present - whether they are ancient or more recent - to explore the relationship that links them to Time through a variety of different subjects: success through different time periods, methods of aging, evolution of trends in production and tasting habits, etc.

The Venue:

Ideally located in the heart of historic Paris, between Notre Dame and the Pantheon, the Maison de la Mutualité has always been known to promote open-mindedness and exchanges. It is a privileged place that's perfect for encounters and friendly exchanges, in perfect harmony with Whisky Live Paris 2012's values ​​and theme.

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