Visit Blanton's at Whiskey Live Paris

SEPTEMBER 25-27, 2010

Whiskey Live Paris 2010 : Mind-opening/Spirit-awakening

With the unique and quite exceptional Palais de Tokyo as our setting, Whiskey Live Paris will for the first time this year be open to all fine spirits.

Alongside more than 60 distilleries and brands of whiskey from all countries of production, cognac and rum will be the guests of honour in especially dedicated areas. A large selection of tequila, gin and vodka, aniseed-based spirits and liqueurs, armagnac and calvados, liqueurs and many other “specialities” will all be available for tasting either on their own or in cocktail-themed events.

It is Whiskey Live Paris 2010’s desire to act as the guide to this opening of the mind and spirit: to bring together as many connoisseurs and epicureans as possible in a common approach to fine spirits.

We invite you to join us on an effective, gustative and sensorial journey through:

  • tastings: new releases, rarities and classics, not only in whiskey, but in Cognac and rum also.
  • experiences: Classic Malts & Food, collectors, teas, chocolate and spices, perfumes too... There will also be an area devoted entirely to cocktails and to other fine spirits.
  • encounters: on different stands and through a programme of tasting-conferences, the finest experts, explorers and tasters from the world of spirits and gastronomy will breathe a spirit of exchange into the various techniques of elaboration, the history of the products, and into the aromas and flavours of the whiskies and spirits themselves.

The most sensitive and inquisitive of palates will be both surprised and enchanted by the exceptional richness of this seventh edition of Whiskey Live Paris, themed “Gourmet Minds & Fine Spirits”