2013 Whisky Live Paris "Beyond Tasting"

Whisky Live is an international event that travels throughout the world all year long, from Shanghai to New York, via London and Johannesburg. Since 2003, Paris has been hosting this event every year during the month of September.

This year, nearly 120 exhibitors from the world of whiskies and spirits are once again expected to attend this key gathering.

Whisky Live Paris 2013 will allow you to discover the world of whiskies and spirits while expanding your knowledge in various ways:

DATE: September 28-30th
VENUE: 24, rue Saint-Victor – 75005 PARIS
THEME: Going “beyond tasting” means defying one’s subjective views and analysing the specific features behind each whisky and spirit.
Beyond the raw ingredients that are used in their blends, the richness of the whiskies and spirits that are honoured this year is primarily a result of the culture, history and identity, of the craftsmen behind each product.
This year, Whisky Live Paris’ doors are opening up to a variety of unique and innovative experiences. This will allow you to discover new ways to enjoy your favourite spirits and go beyond the boundaries of traditional tasting methods.
You will experience new ways of approaching the various categories of products, notably though new modes of consumptions, unique activities and singular blending philosophies.

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